Dear Colleagues,

It is a great pleasure to warmly invite you to participate in the upcoming 2nd International Congress on Clinical Trials on Cannabis (CT-Cann2023), which will take place 15-16 February 2023 in London, UK. 

It has been a long and eventful nearly 3 years since CT-Cann2019, and our hopes of meeting again had to be put on hold. It is a joy that we are finally able to hold CT-Cann2023 while adhering to health guidance that will ensure a safe event for all of us.

Despite the understandable focus on COVID related research in the last two years, the therapeutic implications of cannabinoids has also remained an intense interest of study yielding new discoveries and a deeper understanding, and advancing the application of cannabinoid therapy in many areas of clinical medicine.

CT-Cann2023 will again bring together leading researchers, clinicians, industry professionals and other related experts from around the globe to discuss ways of improving current research strategies, new discoveries, practical dilemmas and future avenues in this rapidly evolving field. We will touch, among other things, on basic and clinical methodologies, new findings, regulatory and legal issues, pharmacological considerations, and technological advancements. We will emphasize practical implications for patients, researchers, prescribing clinicians and industry leaders.

CT-Cann2023 will thus inform participants of the latest evidence and concepts regarding cannabinoid therapy, aid prescribers to practically implement best practices based on the clinical implications of current research and expert opinions, serve as a platform for an exchange of ideas and practices in cannabinoid medicine, and bring together clinicians, patients and industry leaders in innovative and engaging discussions. As before, it will undoubtedly spark many fascinating and lively debates.

We look forward to welcoming you at CT-Cann2023 in the once again vibrant and wonderful city of London.


Haggai Sharon, MD, PhD Dedi (David) Meiri, PhD
Congress Chairs